Wednesday, 28 July 2010

São Miguel Island - July 2010 ( day 1)

A story behind: Last week while visiting again the island I learned how highly unpredictable the weather can be on the Azores Islands in late June. It was cold and gloomy and wet and windy. So I stood there with a camera hidden under the anti-moisture cap waiting for the right moment. But it wasn´t a waste of time. The scenery over the Fire Lake was constantly changing. To have more fun I observed the poor tourists who were getting out of their cars in Bermuda shorts and T-shirts to take a picture of the lake and after a second they were back in their cars shaking and trembling with cold.
So I stood there almost an hour waiting and waiting....but not in vein. Finally the light concert has begun.

Location: The Fire Lake, Azores Islands, Portugal.

Gear: Nikon D80, Sigma 17/70 mm, ND 0.6 hard, tripod.

Aperture: f/13

Shutter speed: 1/30 sec

Focal Length: 18 mm

ISO: 300

Date Taken: July 22th, 2010, 12:27



olivia said...

wspaniałe zdjęcie.. przecudny widok :)

Dylan said...


Hemera said...

Widok niesamowity !

Janusz said...

jeszcze jeden argument, że należy się wybrać dalej aniżeli tylko na Maderę...

Joanna Durczok said...

I love it - as always:)