Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Driving and renting a car on Fiji

DRIVING: on the left side. 

CAR RENAL: rental at Nadi airport, all car rental companies in the Arrival hall.
We choose a local BULA BULA company.

 Price is about F$110 per day (Hawk)
Deposit  $700.00   (still not returned to my card  after the end of rental)
Fuel Policy Full to Full 

EU driving license accepted. 

ROADS: main roads in Medium, bad conditions, a lot of gravel roads, but no need of 4x4

TRAFFIC: moderate, intense in Nadi.

PARKINGS: free, very expensive paring in Denarau marina, $40 a day.

PETROL STATIONS: cheap gasoline $2,05  per liter


Many speed bumps almost all of them well marked. 

Driving and renting a car in Malayasia.

DRIVING: on the left side. 

CAR RENAL: rental at Kuala Lumpur airport, cheaper car  rental companies found on the airport parking, easy to walk, 4min from terminal. Price is about 25 EUR per day (Hawk)
Deposit MYR 500.00 including tax (returned to my card a few days after the end of rental)
Fuel Policy Full to Full 
EU driving license accepted. International Driving License for police control only.

ROADS: Medium, good road conditions, good and easy driving.

TRAFFIC: moderate

PARKINGS: inexpensive

HIGHWAYS: tall to pay by e/money cards Touch ‘n Go card (buy a card at Hawk ) a card cost 10,60 RM, easy to top up everywhere
Although it is said you can not pay bay card or cash, but in fact in every toll there is a cash/card paying gate.


PETROL STATIONS: cheap gasoline 2,05 MR per liter


Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Driving and renting a car in Indonesia

CAR RENAL: about 25 EUR per day drom the independent companies, delivery to the airport costs additional 10 USD

EU driving license accepted. International Driving License for police control only.

ROADS: Medium, bad road conditions, many obstacles on the road, people, scooters, no speed radars. 

TRAFFIC: drive on the left side of the road, traffic very bad, like in Philippines, many scooters, chaotic transit, medium velocity of 20-50 km por hour (especially bad in city centers). Many locals waving small flags who control local transit. Driving lines not respected.

PARKINGS: expect to pay 2000/5000 por parking almost everywhere,

HIGHWAYS: tall to pay by e/money cards (a card cost 26 000, easy to buy in Indomaret or Alfamart)
Tall on Bali is 11 200 per 1 ride.

PETROL STATIONS: very cheap gasoline 7000/9000 IRN per liter

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Renting and driving a car in Cape Verde

CAR RENAL: very expensive, on the airport Hertz (hertz-praia@cvtelecom.cv) and Intercidades Rent a car, about 50-100 EUR per day, on rentalcars webpage even 110 EUR per day
Better to rent a car with your hotel reception, prices are 50-55 EUR per day, unlimited kilometers.

EU driving license accepted. No need for International Driving License.

ROADS: In good conditions, little traffic, no radars, limited number of road signs, take your GPS.

Rather safe and easy driving.

PETROL STATIONS: are everywhere,  gasoline expensive 1,2 EUR per liter.

Many speed bumps, and some of them not ot badly marked. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Renting and driving a car in Oman

CAR RENAL: about 25 EUR per day
rather quick and standard procedures on the airport.
EU driving license accepted. No need for International Driving License.

ROADS: In excellent conditions, many RADARS that watch maximum speed limit of 120 km/h (130 km/h seems to be a real limit). Almost all radars are marked on Openstreet maps.

Omanis drive very good, it is very safe driving.

PETROL STATIONS: are everywhere, very cheap gasoline 0,2 R (about 45 euro cents) per liter.

Many speed bumps, and some of them not ot badly marked. pay attention and reduce speed to 5/10 km/h.

Many speed bumps.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Where to exchange money in Busan?

Small alley in the center of Busan holds a few exchange kiosk with best rates and no passport showing. The place I marked on the map below. Hope it helps.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Renting a car and driving in New Zealand.

No roads fees (except for 2 toll roads with2.8 to 1.8 NZD per travel, Northern Gateway tall road 2,3 NZD, Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road 2 NZD, Takitimu Drive toll road 1.8 NZD, all in the Northern  island).
Speed limit 100 km/h. Little traffic except for the outskirts of Auckland at the rush hour. Very safe driving. NZ has good drivers.
EU driving licencie accepted.
High price for car rental o the North island (50 EUR per day) and normal at the South island (250-300 EUR por week).
Cheap mobile wi-fi to rent with a var 7 EUR per day.
Allow more time for travelling then you think.
Prices: diesel 1,3 NSZ. Gasoline: 1.9 NSZ per liter. Prices are higher in small towns and especially high in touristic locations.

Buy food at New World Supermarkets and get coupons for discount gasoline at BP stations.

(www.aerogrivecarrenal.com, 7 day rental with mobile wi-fi 364.10 NZD)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Renting a car and driving in Puerto Rico, USA.

1. Some roads are paid (Auto Espresso, no cash payment, no credit card payment, only automatic), rather cheap, we travelled 1 week and paid 10 USD. The rental company will give you a car with a automatic electronic sticker. You simply pass the gates and at the end of the rental you pay at your rental company. Easy, not complicated.

Auto Espresso gates.

2. Cheap gasoline 0,65 USD per liter.

3. All the road sings are in Spanish, speed limit in miles per hour.

4. Some roads are in good condition, but mostly the roads are full of holes, beware
 Some cars drive slowly on the left line but it is "normal" to overtake them on the right line.

5. Heavy traffic almost everywhere (mostly around San Juan with many kilometers of traffic congestion), calculate some extra time for you trips.

6. Lots of traffic lights / it will slow down your trip.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Renting and driving a car in Uruguay

A toll booth.

Uruguay is a wonderful stress-free country to drive. It is almost perfectly plain, the roads are in great shape and there is a very little traffic.
Car rental at the Montevideo airport is quick and the car parking is just a few steps by the airport main door. They require an International Driving Permit.
Some local roads are dusty (like a 12 km long road to Garzon winery), but they are in a very good shape so you can drive very fast.
Gasoline is rather expensive 1,3 EUR per liter (42,5 Peso).
There is a road tall on the border of each province (75 Peso per car paid only in cash). There are two toll booths from Montevideu to Colonia del Sacramento and two from Montevideu to Punta del Este.

The main road to Colonia del Sacramento.

Renting a car and driving in Argentina: Southern Patagonia and Mendoza

Argentina is an expensive country.
Expensive car rental per day and rather expensive gasoline 1 USD per liter.

Southern Patagonia:
Main roads are in excellent condition.

Police control at the end of El Calatafe town.

Crusing lights always on.

Very little car traffic.
Be aware of by the road animals.

Always fill the tank if you see a gasoline station.

Parking permitted in El Calatafe on the main road, peak hours paid.

No cellular phone coverage outside towns.

The nearest gasoline station to the airport is in El Calafate town 18 km away.
Beware of Guanacos crossing your road sign.

Renting a car and driving in San Juan and Mendoza:
Main road between two towns in bad shape, beware. A lot of traffic.
“Sanitary” toll of 30 Peso per car.
Parking price in Mendoza: first our 16 Peso, next hour 8 Peso (you can park on the main roads, there are people to collet money then put a receipt in your car) or use closed by the road parking where you have to eave your keys.

A main road from Mendoza to Chile (road number 7) is very busy with hundreds of trucks so if you can choose a weekend to travel (less traffic). Friday evening is the worst.

From Uspallata the road number 149 takes you north and the traffic drops to almost zero, but beware there is a 20 km long part of the road which is unpaved, prepare to dust and a bumpy road. Later the asphalt returns in the beginning of El Leoncito National Park. In Barreal by the salt lake there is a police checkpoint, show your documents.

The road from Mendoza, through Uspallata to San Juan is one of the most beautiful rides on the planet. Pictured above is the dry lake and snowy peaks od Andes mountains.