Sunday, 11 July 2010

Jola´s restaurant - day 1 continued.

It was raining cats and dogs all day. Almost no were pictures taken, no sight-seeing was done.

It would have been an awful day but in the evening we went to meet Jola Wojtowicz. Jola is a successful restaurateur in Southern Ireland. Her restaurant ( Jola´s Restaurant ) is considered the best restaurant in Kinsale and the surroundings. She started her very popular and busy restaurant 3 years ago and almost immediately it turned out to be a success.
In her menu she blends modern European kitchen with Irish and Polish accents.

We spend there very nice 3 hours while eating, drinking wine and talking to Jola.

A short review:

Parking a car:
the place is located by the narrow, one-way street in old part of Kinsale, so parking a car in front of the restaurant can be difficult, although not impossible. Better leave your car in a parking lot by the yacht port ( Pier road ), wand walk 200 meters.
The place:
located in the nice building, when you enter you have a small bar, need to go down to a main restaurant room. Very nice decor, walls made of black stones, ambient music, fireplace, dimmed lights, occasional art exhibitions on the walls. Very intimate and relaxing. The restaurant is run by a Polish couple: Jola and her husband ( chef ).
The food:
International cuisine with a very interesting mix of Irish and Polish food.
At the end a home-made cherry liquor is a must.
The service:
Personalized, always a short talk with a restaurant´s owner who comes to ask about the food. The waitresses are nice and helpful.
The prices:
The starters up to 12 euros.
Main course: from 16 to 22 euros.
Desserts: up to 12 euros.
Wine list: from 16 to 60 euros.


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piotr said...

Wygląda na to, że nie trafiliście z pogodą. Taka to już "uroda" Zielonej Wyspy niestety. W sobotę przejechałem Irlandię z zachodu na wschód w nieustającym ani na sekundę deszczu... Oby wróciło lato jakie mieliśmy tu jeszcze w czerwcu. Fingers crossed. Czekam na nowe fotograficzne relacje z pobytu na wyspie. Kto powiedział, że w deszczu nie można zrobić dobrego zdjęcia? pozdrawiam