Monday, 15 November 2010

Lisbon, the second day.

After a short morning walk in the oldest district of Lisbon, the Alfama, where my wife went a little bonkers looking for a pretty kitchen stuff in small shops for her photographic kitchen displays ( we returned to the Chiado district.
Alfama - the oldest but most picturesque Lisbon´s district.
We decided to have a lunch in the restaurant located on the top floor of "Hotel do Chiado". This is one of the greatest charms of Lisbon: you can sit on the terrace with lovely views over Lisbon and the Tejo river, slowly sip the local Portuguese wine, snacking cheeses and bread. Restaurant "Entretanto" ( which in Portuguese means : "So ...") with a kitchen set up by winning the best Portugese cook 2009 award, Igor Marinho, was worth a try. We drunk Fiuza 3 Castas red wine, with lovely strong, very fruity smell and notes of many spices in the mouth. Wine was short but was perfectly synchronized with both my Argentinian stake as well as with Agnieszka´s bacalhao fish.
Views from the terrace over the city were beautiful. Straight ahead you one could see the castle of Lisbon and below Rossio neighborhood and to the left the cathedral and the river Tejo.
The weather was good. It was a lovely afternoon. Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010. Maciek.

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Maćku, ależ Ci zazdroszczę tej Lizbony...
Fajne zdjęcia.