Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 9 and 10: The Napa Valley

We spent two days riding up and down the Napa and Russian Valleys. We´ve tasted old Zinfandel wines, been to small family run wineries in Dry Creek Valley and visited big Disneyland-like wine producers in Oakville. Just two days of fun, talks in tasting rooms, meeting nice people, eating in Don Giovani restaurant. Swirl, sniff and spit...
Photos from the Robert Mondavi winery.


Ewa said...

Maćku, piękne kolaże.

Mamsan said...

Zdjecia maja w sobie taki spokoj... M

Anonymous said...

Ola! Swietne zdjecie, swietne teksty. Saude!
Mikolaj Kawa

Fernanda said...


This is absolutely amazing!
I'm simply impressed, dazzled by the wonders I've seen so far!

I've tripped over all the barrels of wine (~_~) ...I know this moistly and mellow bouquet by heart though I've never been there.
Astonished? No reason! I'll tell why... I've spent 14 years of my life, my golden age, among oak barrels, vats, and bottles of Vintage Ports.

Was I lucky to follow you from another Blog?!!!!!

Allow me a hug.

Maciek said...

I am also a big wine lover.Hope to see you more often here.