Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Driving and renting a car in Malayasia.

DRIVING: on the left side. 

CAR RENAL: rental at Kuala Lumpur airport, cheaper car  rental companies found on the airport parking, easy to walk, 4min from terminal. Price is about 25 EUR per day (Hawk)
Deposit MYR 500.00 including tax (returned to my card a few days after the end of rental)
Fuel Policy Full to Full 
EU driving license accepted. International Driving License for police control only.

ROADS: Medium, good road conditions, good and easy driving.

TRAFFIC: moderate

PARKINGS: inexpensive

HIGHWAYS: tall to pay by e/money cards Touch ‘n Go card (buy a card at Hawk ) a card cost 10,60 RM, easy to top up everywhere
Although it is said you can not pay bay card or cash, but in fact in every toll there is a cash/card paying gate.


PETROL STATIONS: cheap gasoline 2,05 MR per liter


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