Thursday, 30 May 2019

Driving and renting a car in Lebanon

CAR RENAL: about 25 EUR per day from  companies on the airport,

INTERNET: buy the car for mobile internet before you leave the airport at the duty free zone.

EU driving license accepted. 

ROADS: Medium and bad road conditions, many obstacles on the road, not too many scooters, no speed radars. Beware crossing the mountain roads even in the end of May : a lot of snow.

TRAFFIC: crazy, Arabic, fast in towns, but not the worst on the planet. Driving lines not respected. Cars against the traffic, turning around on the roundabout against the traffic! The bigger car, more rights on the street it has.But you can do it. 

PARKINGS: in Beirut expect to pay 17 EUR per night at wallet parking. But for a short period of time you can park for free anywhere.

TOLLS: no toll roads.

PETROL STATIONS: cheap gasoline 1250 LBP. Pounds per liter = 0.8 EUR 

1 EUR = 1450 LBP