Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A sunrise at the Lotus Lake

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A story behind: Looking from the nine cornered bridge at the Wuli Pagoda at the Lotus Lake.
A day after we assisted a fabulous Taichung Lantern Festival we arrived at the city of Kaoshiung, southern part of the Island of Taiwan.

A couple of days earlier we landed at Taipei International Airport, rented a car ( highly recommended way of visiting Taiwan (and Japan). Forget all the nonsense of "travelling with a public transport thing" and get a car that will take you to the real Taiwan/Japan and places that are impossible to reach by public transport). In fact I intend to write a separate post with my Tips For Driving in Japan and Taiwan.

Location:  Kaoshiung, Taiwan.
Gear: Nikon D 610, Nikkor 16-35mm 4G ED AF-S, tripod,

Focal Length: 16 mm

Aperture: 22

Exposure: 1 sec.

Date: March 12th, 2015. 06.20 a.m.