Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Driving and renting a car in Indonesia

CAR RENAL: about 25 EUR per day drom the independent companies, delivery to the airport costs additional 10 USD

EU driving license accepted. International Driving License for police control only.

ROADS: Medium, bad road conditions, many obstacles on the road, people, scooters, no speed radars. 

TRAFFIC: drive on the left side of the road, traffic very bad, like in Philippines, many scooters, chaotic transit, medium velocity of 20-50 km por hour (especially bad in city centers). Many locals waving small flags who control local transit. Driving lines not respected.

PARKINGS: expect to pay 2000/5000 por parking almost everywhere,

HIGHWAYS: tall to pay by e/money cards (a card cost 26 000, easy to buy in Indomaret or Alfamart)
Tall on Bali is 11 200 per 1 ride.

PETROL STATIONS: very cheap gasoline 7000/9000 IRN per liter


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