Saturday, 2 April 2011


A story behind: Belmonte is a little town located on the small hill that overlooks the highest range of Serra Estrela mountains. When I got there on the last Thursday´s morning and despite the lovely summer temperatures of 25º C, I could still see some snow covering the peaks of the mountains.
The town is dominated by the 13th century castle ( pictured above ) that was transformed into a fortified mansion by the family of famous Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral, the man who discovered Brazil in the year 1500.
In the parochial church not far from the castle you can see a statue of the Virgin, Nª Sra da Esperança, which according to legend, has followed the navigator in his voyages to the newly discovered continent.

Location: Belmonte, province of Beiras , Portugal.

Gear: Nikon D80, Nikkor 17-75 mm

Aperture: f/13

Exposure bias: -0.7 EV

Focal Length: 17 mm


Date Taken: Thursday, March 31st, 2011, 12:04



strength duration said...

such a wonderful place!wish I were there someday... Best Regards:)

AniaPP said...

Maciek, this is lovely photo that remembers me that we have to go there again. Belmonte is related for us, above all, with interesting history: cryptojudaism. Here goes the quote from Wikipedia: The "Belmonte Jews" of Portugal, dating from the 12th century, maintained strong secret traditions for centuries. A whole community survived in secrecy by maintaining a tradition of intermarriage and hiding all external signs of their faith. They and their practices were only discovered in the 20th century. Their rich Sephardic tradition of Crypto-Judaism is unique. Only recently did they contact other Jews. Some now profess Orthodox Judaism, although many still retain their centuries-old traditions".
There is the museum dedicated to them in Belmonte which was getting built when we were there for the first time.
Warm greetings for you all.
Ania and Marco

Maciek said...

@AniaPP: We will spend a couple of days in Sagres in April. On the way south we would be happy to have a lunch with you. Friday 22nd ?

AniaPP said...

The day is OK with us.
We will be happy to meet you again.
We´ll contact you soon.

nacasadorau said...

This is a place where I haven't yet been.

Wonderful photo.