Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Portuguese interior: Beira

Last Tuesday I was poking around the Beira ( Beira is an semi-deserted and rustic interior province of Portugal being the frontier with Spain ) when I stumbled upon a small white chapel dazzling in mid-day sun. I stopped the car in the heart of "nowhere-Portugal", close to the tiny village of Aldeia Velha ( eng: Old Village ). I was intrigued how this chapel got stuck to the big black granite rock behind it.

As I was taking photos two old women from the village approached. We started talking. This is what Portugal is all about: friendliness of its people. They told me the history of the chapel. A long time ago someone draw the picture of Jesus Christ on the rock. Then people from the village erected a chapel which is since then known from its many miracles.

From the left: the castle in Trancoso ( Beira, Portugal ), two women I met in the village posing in front of the chapel.

June 22th, 2009, 12:06


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enchocolatte said...

Niezykła historia! Szkoda, że tu w kraju brakuje takiej przyjaznej nuty w napotkanych nieznajomych.