Saturday, 21 November 2009

Photo trip to Central Portugal ( day 3 )

Next morning I got up very early trying to embrace a new day and take an "early-bird" photo of the famous Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon. This is definitely one of the most enchanting architectonic structures of the capital. On of the longest bridges in Europe with a total length of over 17 kilometers.

Standing on the western bank of Tagus river I was looking to the east a couple of minutes before the sunrise. Unfortunately fast moving dark rainy clouds spoiled the moment ( and the photo ).

15th of November 2009


enchocolatte said...

wcale nie zepsuły! robi wrażenie!!!

Maciek said...

chyba masz jakis zlosliwy skrypt na Twoim blogu, bo jak zamykam okno w IE z Twoim blogiem to strona sie czasami proliferuje.

Website SEO said...

This view is really beautiful.

Espresso said...

Wspaniałe miejsce,wspaniałe foto :D