Sunday, 23 October 2016

Renting and driving a car in Uruguay

A toll booth.

Uruguay is a wonderful stress-free country to drive. It is almost perfectly plain, the roads are in great shape and there is a very little traffic.
Car rental at the Montevideo airport is quick and the car parking is just a few steps by the airport main door. They require an International Driving Permit.
Some local roads are dusty (like a 12 km long road to Garzon winery), but they are in a very good shape so you can drive very fast.
Gasoline is rather expensive 1,3 EUR per liter (42,5 Peso).
There is a road tall on the border of each province (75 Peso per car paid only in cash). There are two toll booths from Montevideu to Colonia del Sacramento and two from Montevideu to Punta del Este.

The main road to Colonia del Sacramento.

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