Thursday, 20 November 2014

The first autumn storm 2014

For a full size photo please click on the image.

A story behind: The end of the rainy afternoon at the Gaia beach, a couple of kilometres south of Porto. A 2 seconds long exposure.
Location:  Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
Gear: Nikon D 610, Nikkor 16-35mm 4G ED AF-S, tripod,

Focal Length: 16 mm

Aperture: 22

Exposure: 2 sec.

Date: Outober 14th, 2014. 17.44 p.m.


Gizeta said...

Amazing like all your pictures ;)

Hilde said...

Nice seascape shot. The long exposure is magical and the menacing clouds give power to the picture.
I have to come by more often because I really like your photos!
hugs from Belgium, Hilde

Dylan said...

Excelente, como sempre. A grande abertura não pode provocar uma distorção na imagem ? (Li isso em algum lado)

Maciek said...

Thank you all !
Hilde: please feel free to drop in any time you wish !
Dylan: Sim, mas felizmente nesta imagem nao há linhas rectas.

mina said...

Miss your photos. Hope you're well. xo

Maciek said...

Thank you Mina for the inspirational comment!

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