Monday, 3 September 2012

Converging lines. Foz de Coa museum.

The museum of the prehistoric rock art at Foz de Côa, Portugal beaten by the mid-day sun and heat.

A story behind:  Museum Foz de Coa is located in Portuguese region of Alto Douro, deep into the interior of the Iberian peninsula, and only 20 kilometers from the Spanish border. It hosts the prehistoric rock drawings dated 20-30 000 years BC. 

A photo creation:  My idea was to draw the almost-vanishing and converging lines from all corners of the image to get the perspective stronger. I loved the way all of the lines merge in the center of the image.
The contrast of multiple black and white surfaces ( with all the gray shades in between ) and the geometrical patterns of the walls provided an interesting  counterpoint to the linear perspective. But, what I found the most interesting was that the shapes, which are all triangles or rectangles, were not repeating themselves. The non-repeating, but still maintaining some kind of geometrical symmetry structures, made this perspective so appealing.  This kind of "asymmetry in symmetry" disrupts the monotony of the converging lines activating the observes´s mind to solve this geometrical jigsaw.

The walls of the museum are made of concrete and by the definition are solid, stone-like and unmovable. But with all the lines of shadows changing every-second the scene I photographed is almost unrepeatable and unique.
The human silhouette is located exactly where the all the lines meet. It is like a cake with a cherry on top. 

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Gear: Nikon D700. Nikkor 16-35 mm. Handheld. Polarizer.

Aperture: f/11

Shutter speed:
1/500 sec

Exposure bias:
-0,3 EV

Focal Length: 16 mm

ISO: 250

Place taken: Foz de Coa, Portugal.

Date taken: Sunday, July 1st, 2012, 13:35



Dylan said...

Desculpa, Maciek, mas o que quer dizer "exposure bias"?. É a exposição com filtro?

Dylan said...


Maciek said...

Bias means : correcção de exposição antes de fazer um clik.