Sunday, 5 September 2010

The first days: San Francisco

The city sits on the top of a peninsula, surrounded by waters of the Pacific Ocean.
The Bay Bridge ( above ),
photographed at night August 15th, 2010 from San Francisco pier 14, links San Francisco and Berkley.

After a long journey we arrived at San Francisco and moved in to Omni hotel in the heart of the city´s Downtown. The hotel is conveniently located only a couple of steps from the China Town, across the Montgomery street from The Transamerica Pyramid and Wells Fargo Museum. The famous Cable Car California line passes in front of the hotel. It takes only w few of minutes to reach Embarcadero and Ferry Building or the Union Square.

This is the story that begins our 7th visit to the US and our first time in San Francisco. The place is one of the United States’ most striking and amazing cities: the hills, cable cars, the bay with its bridges and the famous fog ( the latter we found less agreeable: the fog was absent only a few hours around midday giving some unpleasant chill for the most of the day ). But there is more to the city: throw in the uniquely charming architecture, world-class restaurants, a vibrant multicultural mix and you get the place with its in and outs worth exploring.

After dark I went to the Embarcadero and Pier 14. It was rather cold. The breeze was blowing from the ocean. The low, fast-moving clouds were illuminated by the lights of the city of Berkley located on the other side of the bay.

Location: The Embarcadero street, pier 14, San Francisco.

Gear: Nikon D80, Tamron 28-75 mm

Aperture: f/28

Shutter speed: 10 sec

Focal Length: 30 mm

ISO: 400

Date: August 15th 2010. 21.16 h.



MIQ said...

Świetne,... jak zawsze :-)

olivia said...

śliczne :) czekam na dalsze dni z podróży :)

Hemera said...

Cudowne zdjęcie !

Anonymous said...

Maciek, rewelacja!!!! Nigdy nie mialam okazji odwiedzic San Fran, ale slyszalam ze to przecudowne miasto. Tym bardziej jestesmy ciekawi dalszych zdjec i relacji:) Pozdrowienia.

Marta, Maniek, Dominika

Ewa said...

Maćku czarodzieju! Fantastyczne zdjęcie! Czekam niecierpliwie na dalsze wakacyjne wspomnienia ;)

Delie said...

Czekam na więcej zdjęć - bo niewykluczone że to moja przyszłoroczna trasa na wakacje;)

Amberyl said...

Beautiful picture, brings back beautiful memories from SF

Dylan said...

Jesus! How beautiful it is.

Wojciech Puchajda (Sz@kal) said...

REWELACJA!!! Zakochałem się i napatrzeć się nie mogę!!!

Bareya said...

San Francisko jak widać jest całorocznie przygotowane do świąt.
p.s. kompozycja po diagonalnej. Ulubiona w renesansie. I jak widać nie tylko...

Maciek said...

Thank you all for visiting and nice words!

mina said...

I have never been to SF before.

This is the most beautiful photo of the bridge I have ever seen. You are one of my favorite photographers.

(P.S. I don't understand your last comment on our blog. The latest photos were taken with a toy film camera, not digital - that's why they're blurry. Search: "lomography" on google.)

Anonymous said...

Przepiękne zdjęcie!
Dorota z Berkeley