Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Antelope Canyon

Wednesday, 04th of March 2009. After 1 hour of Les Milles Body Pump and a nice dinner ( Turkey herb Escalopes with Pumpkin and potatoes sage pure ) accompanied by astonishingly good Roquevale 2003 ( red wine from Alentejo ), I went through some folders in our PC looking for nice photo. Suddenly a picture of a ray of sunlight piercing Upper Antelope Canyon poped up.

Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona near small city of Page. The entrance is located in the narrow fissure of the rock. Reds, violets and pinks are dominating. There is an extraordinary light that changes every minute. Rock waves form fantastic structures. The best is the morning light. Don´t use the flash. You definitely need a tripod and lot of patience because your photos are frequently damaged by many tourists that peek around. Do not include sun or sunny sky on your photo because of overexposure.

We love traveling to America. It is such a beautiful country with friendly people around. Hope we go there agian in August this year.

The Antelope Canyons ( lower and upper ) are number 1 on our "Best in the world" list.

Camera: Nikon D80, 1 sec, F 20, Fl 20 mm, Nikkor 18-70, ISO 100, no flash, tripod. November 2007. Impossible to change any lens in the canyon since dust is everywhere.


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